Protocol Revenue

The protocol generates revenue in two ways: HODLer market creation fee and interest reserve. There is no other cost to use the protocol.

HODLer Market Creation

When a user creates a HODLer market, there is a fixed amount will be charged in the market initialization step. The fee is charged in the blockchain native coin. It's 150$ worth of native coin right now. This is used to screen out bad actors that create a market for no reason.

Interest Reserve

For any interest made through the protocol, there is a percentage shared. We use the interest reserve factor to define how much the percentage is and it could be found in the market detail page. The typical ratio is between 10-15%. The interest reserve is only deducted when user withdraws the interest.


Interest Reserve (IR): the amount of interest reserved for the protocol and only be deducted when the user withdraws the interest

Liquidity Mining Reserve(LMR): the amount of reward reserved for the protocol and be deducted when the user claims rewards

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