About Oracle

What Oracle do we use when creating a HODLer Market?

There are three types of Oracle that DeFiner is currently using for price feed: Third-party oracles, DEX TWAP Oracle, and DeFiner Fixed Price Oracle. Learn more details here.

In the initial market creation process, DeFiner keeps a list of tokens to check if they already had a Chainlink oracle or a third-party oracle available. If there is a third-party oracle available for this particular asset, it will default to the third-party oracle. If not, then the oracle will default to a DeFiner fixed-price oracle. And the creator will be asked to input an initial price for the base token.

After the market created, if there is a DEX with good liquidity available for the base token. The oracle will be changed to a TWAP oracle

Can we make changes to Oracle?

If there is a DEX with good liquidity available for the base token. Market creators have the option to change it to a DEX TWAPs oracle once the market is completed and running. The DeFiner protocol will assess the liquidity of the dex and make the change periodically. If you want to propose a change, please reach out to us over our Discord Help channel.


Initial Oracle Price: The initial oracle price is used to initialize the price feed oracle for the chosen collateral.

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