Mining Rewards Mechanism

How to configure reward tokens?

Upon finishing the deployment and initialization, HODLer market creators can configure the reward token in the configuration pop-up window.

In this section, the HODLer market creator can input the total amount of rewards that they wish to distribute across different tokens in this HODLer market. After deciding the total reward that you want to distribute to this HOLDer Market, you can choose what percentage you want to allocate to each token.

How long will the reward be distributed?

if the pool has a maturity date, the reward will be distributed from the block of the first deposit transaction of the pool to the block of the pool matured. If the pool didn't have a maturity date, it will ask the creator to input a period of time in days to specify how long the reward will be distributed.

What can I use for reward tokens?

The reward token does not necessarily have to be the base token (collateral token). Creators have the option to choose any token as their reward token. In most cases, users will choose their base token (collateral token) as their reward token.


Mining Rewards: The Mining Reward allows HODLer Market creators to choose a reward token and input the total amount of rewards for allocation.

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