Distribution of Rewards

How will the reward token be distributed to the users and how is the reward calculated?

Mining rewards are calculated based on the weight of the amount of deposit and the deposited period of time.

For example, a market creator chooses 10,000 XYZ tokens as the total reward for their HODLer market and the collateral is also the XYZ token. The market creator allocates 80% of their total rewards into the XYZ token pool and 20% into the USDT pool.

Assuming the total period for the pool is 10,000 blocks. Each block will reward 0.8 tokens to the XYZ token pool depositors and 0.2 tokens to USDT token pool depositors.

If the XYZ token pool has 100 XYZ tokens total at block t, and user A has 10 XYZ tokens deposited, user A will be rewarded (10/100)*0.8= 0.08 XYZ tokens at block t. The longer user A holds the deposit position and the more XYZ tokens user A deposits, the greater the rewards user A will receive.

When can I claim my rewards? Is there any lock-up period?

There is no lock-up period for the rewards. The rewarded token can be claimed anytime.

The reward calculation is weighted by the amount of their deposited token and the time of the deposit. This means that users who deposit the market’s base token will be rewarded in real-time.

Users can check the balance and claim under the market detail page and their portfolio page.

Total Rewards & Speed

The total amount of reward token is configured at the creation of the HODLer market. Once this is set up, the rewarding speed can only be increased. Any user can choose to increase the speed of the reward under the market detail page. Whoever increases the token, has to supply the total increased amount to the contract.


Reward Token Allocation: The Reward Token Allocation function allows the HODLer Market creator to choose the reward allocation amongst crypto asset pools to reward depositors.

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