The mission of HODLer market is to be an open and permissionless lending market for any tokens and coins. Therefore, the HODLer market is designed to be as configurable as possible. We have 3 types of configurations: pre-configured, user-defined parameters, and DeFiner-defined parameters.


Pre-configured parameters are set up at the parent smart contract level. Those parameters are not changeable and stay the same with the parent contract for any child Hodler market which it is cloned from, such as fund reserve address.


User-defined parameters are inputted by users. When a HODLer market contract is created, configurations are set up by the creator. After the configurations are initially set up, those configurations can only be changed through the DeFiner DAO proposal process. Anyone can propose a change request under the market detail page. Those change requests will be reviewed by DeFiner DAO and voted by DeFiner DAO. Once the proposal passes, those proposed changes will be implemented within 48 hrs. Find more details regarding the voting process and details here.


DeFiner-defined parameters are the default parameters for each pool by DeFiner. Those parameters are changeable through the DeFiner DAO voting process as well.

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