Lending Pool Creation

What are the steps to create a HODLer Market?

The HODLer Market can be created by anyone. The same token can have multiple pools. Meaning, that even if the token currently already has a pool, it can still be created. It’s up to the creator, whoever provides more rewards will attract more users to the pool.

It takes 3 simple steps to create and run your own customized HODLer lending market.

Step 1: Deployment

The first step is to deploy the contract. Select the collateral token, loan currency, and collateral factor. In this step, the DeFiner parent contract is cloned and then deployed onto the blockchain.

In the deployment phase, all smart contracts are identical cross all pools. At this stage, the basic functions is ready but no configurations have been set up yet.

Step 2: Initialization

After deploying the base contract, you need to initialize the contract. The key input in this step is to tell the contractor what token you are supporting in this HODLer Market that you are creating. (We are using our native token, FIN, as an example here)

All ERC-20 tokens and EVM compatible tokens are supported. After the token selection, you need to set up an initial oracle price for the token. The default oracle is a fixed-price oracle, which can be changed later by community voting. Learn more details about the DeFiner DAO configuration change process here. This initial price is used to initialize the price feed oracle for the collateral token chosen.

One advantage of the HODLer Market, as compared to purely locking up the token, is the ability to borrow. There are three stablecoin default tokens in the contract to be borrowed against. The HODLers can have the option to borrow stablecoins against their holding positions.

Step 3: Configurations

The final step is to configure your HODLer market. In this step, you have more parameters to set up, such as maturity date, interest model, token rewards, and distribution.

Maturity Date: The HODLer Market allows you to choose the lock-up period. The maturity date is when the loan becomes due. You can set it up for any date that you want. We provide several options such as 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and more. Learn more about maturity dates here.

Reward Token Allocation: Any token can be used as a reward, as long as you have enough tokens in your wallet to distribute. In most cases, users will choose their base token (collateral token) as their reward tokens. After deciding the total reward that you want to distribute to this HOLDer Market, you can choose what percentage you want to allocate to each token.

All configurations set up in this stage can be adjusted through the DeFiner DAO configurations change process.


Collateral factor: The collateral factor is equal to the maximum amount a user can borrow divided by the total collateral value

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