01 - Taka Security, Aug 2020

August,2020 by Alexander Remie, who has previously worked for ChainSecurity and PwC.

DeFiner requested a security audit of the DeFiner smart contracts by Taka Security. The security audit focused on verifying that the smart contracts function as expected and also evaluates the overall design of the smart contracts.

Taka Security performed a security review of 7 business days during two weeks in July/August 2020. The security audit uncovered 2 critical, 2 high, 2 medium and 1 low severity security issue. Also, 2 high, 10 medium, and 10 low severity design issues were found. DeFiner has updated the code according to the reported findings and managed to fix all raised security findings. As well as most design findings.

The only unresolved design findings are of low or medium severity. During the audit, as well as during the implementation of fixes, DeFiner has been very receptive to suggestions, questions, and discussions. Also, an initial in-depth call to introduce Taka Security to the DeFiner smart contracts before the audit started, has been very helpful.

The detailed report can be found here

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